How Businesses Can Get More Enquiries By Having A Good Web Design!

Good web design is one of the most important components of a successful e-commerce business. It can do so many good things for your online business and getting more enquiries is one advantage. Attracting new clients is crucial to taking your small business to the next level. To increase traffic, you need to get more enquiries from interested people. This article provides information on how your business can get more enquiries by having a good website design.

“Judgements on a company’s credibility are 75% based on the company’s website design.”

Source: Web Credibility Research from Stanford

Your official website is the online face of your business. An e-commerce business is only as strong as its website. If the potential visitor comes across an inept web design and slow loading speeds, he or she won’t continue browsing your site. The latest statistics reveal that an online marketer has only three seconds to retain the visitor on his/her website. If the website doesn’t load within three seconds, the marketer loses a potential customer for life. On the other hand:

75% of web users make judgements about the credibility of a business based solely on the design of its website.

All these statistics point in the direction of a great web design to get more enquiries for your e-commerce business.

Responsive Web Design

The way potential customers access the internet has changed over the years. The majority of people don’t access the internet from their desktop computers anymore. Mobile devices have become more popular in accessing websites over the past couple of years. If your website design isn’t optimised for mobile users, you are leaving money on the table. The design of your site should be highly responsive so that it can easily adjust to the size/shape of the screen wherever it appears. A responsive web design will not only adjust to the screen size but it’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Such a design will help get more enquiries and take your small business to the next level.

Social Proof

Social proof builds customer confidence. Reviews and testimonials reveal that other customers have already used your product or service. If a majority of the reviews and testimonials on your webpage is positive, it gives new customers the confidence to take the plunge. Social proof should be placed on the website in areas that are easy to find but should not overshadow the call to action on the page. Placing social proof on prominent places on your webpage helps get more enquiries from potential customers.

White Space

Making good use of white space is important when increasing the conversions of your site. Never fill all the blank space on your website because it can make the site look cluttered and drive away potential customers. White space gives the illusion of spaciousness and helps soothe the mind of the visitor. Design your site so that there is a balance between the text, images, and white space on the site. This is important to get more enquiries from customers and increase your sales and conversions over time.

Create a Prominent Call To Action

Minimise the choices the potential customer has when he or she lands on your site. The more choices the potential customer has, the longer he or she will take to make a decision. When designing the site, make sure to limit the number of choices the potential customer has and place your call to action in a prominent place. Don’t forget to create a strong CTA or call to action button on the site. The stronger the CTA, the better your conversion rates will be. Studies have shown that CTA buttons in red, green, and orange get the highest conversion rates as long as they are placed in a prominent place on the site.

Limit the Decision Making Process

Colour choice plays an important part in web design. There is a close correlation between the colours on a site and the purchasing decision of the potential customer.

Over 52% of visitors have said that they will not return to a site if they find the overall aesthetics and colours of the site unappealing.

Choose an attractive colour combination that matches your brand image when designing the website. The colour scheme on your site should be able to evoke the mood you want the potential customer to experience when he/she lands on your site.

The aforementioned article provides information on how your business can get more enquiries by having a good website design.

Why Do SEO & Web Design Go Hand in Hand

SEO & web design should always go hand-in-hand. In fact, all businesses should consider both to have a successful and fast-growing website. With good web design, visitors can stay much longer on your website. Furthermore, by taking advantage of smart search engine optimization strategies, you might rank your site higher in Search Engine Results Pages. Nonetheless, ignoring any of these two essential factors might become a problem for your website.

Once the aspects of SEO & web design are implemented properly, your website visitors may simply begin navigating your website. That is the primary reason why SEO & web design work hand-in-hand more seamlessly. Below are a few more reasons.

Easier and More Efficient Website Build

Apart from making better overall results, integrating SEO into web design makes for an easier, more effective, and quicker website build. What’s more, less time and money have to be lost on post-launch SEO servicing. There is a wide range of important ranking factors in the Google search algorithm that particularly examine the website, especially things such as responsiveness, load times, coding, advertising, and layout. That illustrates how directly web design might affect your website’s SEO potential. Remember, website design is not only about brand awareness and looking pretty.

If you are integrating SEO methods and web design from the beginning of your website build, you will end up having a ranking capability that is comparatively better than other sites where their SEO & web design was done separately. Top rankings will be incorporated into your site’s actual DNA at the very lowest level, and this is not a thing you can simply just execute in the future.

According to recent speculation and studies on Google’s search engine algorithms, there is proof of very direct links between clear ranking signals and web design based elements. As a result, having your website developed from the ground up can be both pretty and very effective at ranking. Furthermore, search engine visibility will always be the best course of action.

Helps From the Ground-Up

The important point to remember here is that there is only so much you can do to an already finished site when it comes to search engine optimisation. This includes things, such as optimising internal links, neatening the overall website, and re-tagging elements of the pages. With a ground-up optimisation perspective, you will end up with a website that might need some tweaking to maintain its consistent, top-ranking results. However, it won’t need much work at all, apart from frequent content updates. Of course, this is the reason content is really essential for any website.

Apart from the increase in potential, integrating SEO & web design from the beginning can get you a more powerful site. However, it also makes for a faster route to a thriving website. Implementing quality SEO and web design services from the outset implies a less modular attitude towards website building. That means that jobs that can be combined and your overall site will be both faster and a lot more streamlined. You won’t need to commit a huge amount of time and struggling to attend to post-build search engine optimisation. Also by having a good IT support team at hand is a great assett as they can carryout the tecnical issues relating to hosting and bandwidth not to mention DNS

Group of young business people it engineer in network server room solving problems and give help and support

There are two key advantages of this:

the overall cost of ranking through an SEO campaign will be more effective, and you might start ranking better and reaching your customers faster.

Undoubtedly, a high ranking is so important for your success, with a tremendous number of customers never going beyond the first page.

Many people like to say that if you’re not on the first page, you’re nowhere.

High Website Speed

In general, website speed is among the most important SEO aspects. If you are dealing with a slow website, it might be something associated with your web design or IT Infrastructure. In the long run, a slow website will increase your website’s bounce rate. Because of this, you have to commit your time to speed up your website by enabling browser caching, removing unnecessary plugins, optimising your images, and so forth.

SEO and web design can help improve your site’s overall performance. And together, they’re highly effective for your website’s success. Consider these points during your website design, and you can soon see the higher rankings.